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Ikigai is a Japanese word (concept) which means the value and reason in one’s life. Ikigai is found within the convergence of four traits that a person seeks:

1) What you are Good At;
2) What you can be Paid For;
3) What the world Needs;
4) What you Love.

Within these four, a person can explore his Passion, Mission, Profession and Vocation. But ultimately, the user will only unlock their Ikigai at the spot where the four traits meet. As studies have found out that at Blue Zone areas, people that live much longer than average – found their reason to live and calling in life. 

Ikigai is therefore an application which provides the opportunity for users to discover their inner purpose and to lead a fulfiling life. The application enables the person to Connect with similar acquaintance and features Micro-Action that turns micro happiness to macro contentment